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Picture of Maria, a La Senza customer.
La Senza Customer

I grew up with my father working in Fashion back in Brazil and always loved it. ... I started a fashion blog a couple of years ago After struggling with my own insecurities about how I was going to be perceived; I was very self-conscious about peoples' opinion and judgments. I went ahead, anyway, and tried to deliberately overcome these feelings by posting pictures of me and by talking about fashion as I always wanted to do. When I started paying attention to the lingerie trend as part of an outfit, I was, again, so shy! But Lasenza made it easy and so fun for me to incorporate the pieces into my wardrobe. I had again to gain courage to post my first picture wearing Lasenza but after I did it; I felt so empowered and confident.

Picture of Aleah, a La Senza store Associate.
Vaughan Mills

At the beginning of my shift I noticed a mother and daughter shopping together. I approached them and offered a bra measurement. ... Mom was happy I approached and said that her daughter needed to be fitted. I learned that Kristen just recently lost 100 pounds! They explained that this weekend they have an event to attend and mom had noticed that none of Kristen's bra fit her properly anymore. Because Kristen was still in the process of losing weight, mom wanted to stick with something more affordable so I brought them straight to Remix! Kristen loved the choices of colors & patterns and quickly picked out bras to try on. While in the fitting room I proceeded to show mom how to properly adjust the bra and do a 4-point bra fit check so that she could keep an eye out for the signs of when a bra needs to be replaced and to help re-fit Kristen as she continues to lose weight. She was very impressed and thankful for the mini training session! Kristen and her mom were very happy with the bras and I was told that this was the easiest bra shopping they've ever done! Mom thanked me again for giving her the bra tips and they promised to come back and see me in a couple months when Kristen's size changes again! I told them that I'm always happy to help, especially when it comes to empowering women!

Picture of Biana, a La Senza store Associate.
Easton Town Center

I had an amazing young girl come in to shop with us! While she got measured she told us she just lost a ton of weight. She was celebrating feeling sexy and looking for something fun to wear. ... She got her whole outfit including accessories at other places, but came in to find the bra and panty set here! While trying on, she was telling me how she still needed to find shoes and I offered her suggestions on where to go. I mentioned a few places and she instantly shot them down saying she never feels good going to those few stores because they dont make her feel special. She said we always make her feel special when she comes in regardless of what shes wearing or what she looks like – that’s why she comes in to shop with us! She left thanking me for being so helpful and acknowledging her from the moment she came in and being so nice!! ❤

Picture of Trish, a La Senza store associate.
Lansdowne Place

I had a woman come into the store and she looked lost. I asked her if I could help and she said "I don’t know why I'm here, but I wanted to get some stuff for my granddaughters and myself so we can feel good about ourselves." She looked like she was about to cry and told me that her daughter had just passed away in a car accident a week prior. ...Now she is the provider for her 2 teenage granddaughters. I told her how sorry I was for her loss and how I completely understood what they all were going through recently having lost my parents myself. We had a moment together after that. Once we pulled ourselves together, I fit her and got her in the fitting room with some bras. She looked amazing in the Beyond Sexy and I couldn't believe it when she told me she was 65. "Wow I'd be so happy to look like you at 65" I told her! She asked me to pick out matching sets for her granddaughters in something similar. As she was leaving, she smiled and said she felt like she was meant to come in and meet me today. It was so meaningful to me that I could help her to feel confident in herself during such a difficult time, and help her to empower her granddaughters as well. What seemed like a simple act of help with bra fittings actually turned out to be a very empowering moment for me too.

Picture of Meaghan, a La Senza store associate.
Quinte Mall

My heart is so full. I noticed this lady looking a little lost and not sure. I started a conversation with her to break the ice.... She explained to me that she just beat breast cancer and had to have her breast removed. They had to take some of her stomach and create a new breast for her, and she didn’t really feel comfortable and needed something without an underwire. I took her to our No Wire bras and got her into a fitting room. I let her try a few and then came to see how she was doing. She opened the door and she looked AMAZING! It fit perfectly and I told her how great she looked. She said “I actually do look sexy! I didn’t think I could do that anymore! Thank you so much – you don’t understand how amazing you have made my day, Meaghan!” She had tears in her eyes, which made me tear up too! This is why I love my job – to be able to see all these gorgeous women leave with a big smile and a great experience.

Picture of Candice, a La Senza store associate.
Toronto Eaton Centre

A new customer was shopping today with her service dog, Baxter. We welcomed her and the dog, and we helped her with all her sizing, fitting, and shopping (because that’s just what we do). ... Afterwards, she was so thankful. She talked about how shopping usually makes her really anxious and uncomfortable, but we were so welcoming and helped her feel relaxed. Shopping for bras and lingerie should never make people feel uncomfortable! I am thankful every day for the opportunity to make lingerie shopping something empowering and fun.

Picture of Sydnie, a La Senza store associate.

Today I was helping one of our regular shoppers. She is very shy but over the years has become more comfortable with us. She is a teenager and her mom often comes to purchase what she picks out (usually loungewear and accessories). ...Today her mom joined her shortly after she started shopping and asked to pull me aside. She told me that her daughter is autistic and is very shy. She told me that her favourite thing to do with her money is come shopping at La Senza. She even sets up a La Senza store in her bedroom complete with shopping bags and a cash register. Her mom told me that one of her daughter’s friends had a La Senza bra and she came home from school determined to get her own. So today she was going to try on bras and buy one! She ended up loving Remix with the logo band and even opened up a little to myself and the girls in the store as she was shopping. I love that our team has always been open and accepting of all of our customers, so we can build relationships like this one.

Picture of Rose, a La Senza store associate.
Northgate Shopping Center

Today I got to work with Parker. He was looking for a bra for his very first drag show! We connected immediately! I quickly measured him, and we had so much fun finding the perfect... styles for his show. He said I made the experience really comfortable and easy and that he could not wait to come back in and shop with me again! I’m really excited to see how he puts the rest of the outfits together. I’m so thankful for all the customers I get to work with and help feel their best.

Picture of Julie, a La Senza store associate.
La Senza Customer

After two kids and 11 years of hiding my body, I finally went out wearing lasenza’s sexy wearitout lingerie. I felt so sexy and empowered! ...That moment helped me appreciate my body and gain self-confidence. Thank you!

Picture of Dani, a La Senza customer.
La Senza Customer

For a very long time I was comfortable hiding. I rarely wore shorts or a bathing suit. I was uncomfortable in my skin. I second guessed myself, I was quiet, shy and reserved. I wanted to be more confident, ...share my journey of wellness with others and encourage women to be the best version of themselves...but that’s hard when you’re scared and hidden. But then, I won a photoshoot. I started taking care of my health to be an example to my two daughters, I gained confidence by trying new things and slowly I began to feel more and more comfortable in my skin. When it came time for my photoshoots the photographer suggested I try Lasenza lingerie. It is beautiful and sexy and added to the confidence, pride, and joy I felt on the inside. My photos wearing Lasenza lingerie are some of my favorite. Now, I do my very best to promote experiences like a photoshoot for woman of all backgrounds, because it is empowering and life changing- and Lasenza makes the experience that much better

Picture of Fatima, a La Senza customer.
La Senza Customer

Being bullied for being too skinny or too fat has become a regular thing in our society. People are always looking for your flaws, rather than accepting you as you are. ...People don’t seem to understand that you seek fulfillment and self love by looking within instead of outside yourself. Throughout my teenage life I was skinny and underweight. I struggled to fit in at home, at school, and when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t feel pretty because I was constantly reminded about how skinny I was, and that anything I wore didn’t look good on me. I fell sick often too, and every time we visited the doctors, they said it was because I was under weight. I was blamed for being a fussy eater, or being on a diet, and so on.. I was bullied at school and home for being skinny. Been through abuse and the urge to be accepted or loved. After high school, I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided that’s it.. THEY DIDN’T KNOW ME. Don’t you dare take one look at my body and try to re-write my story. This body is strong, capable, and worthy. This body has endured abuse, survived trauma, healed itself, and continues to carry me through my journey. And so having that in mind, I left home, leaving everything behind and never looked back ever since. I have been so much happier, thankful and strong. It’s my 6th year away from home, and family, and I have achieved so much on my own. I weigh normal, I’m now curvy and petite! It may not be a big deal for anyone else, but it is for me, because ONLY I know my story. “She is too curvy, she is too skinny, she is fat and needs to lose weight” NO! You are too judgmental and you all need to stop it! To all my fellow ladies out there, your body loves you, love it back. Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin, about knowing and accepting who you are. Too fat, too thin, that’s just a media spin. You may not be beautiful like others but you are beautiful like yourself. Your body, your rules, do not let society f*ck you up. Because ladies, I am imperfect, yet my imperfections like any great work of art, are what make me A MASTER PIECE! 😄💕

Picture of Rachel, a La Senza store associate.
Yorkdale Shopping Centre

A month ago I had a customer approach me looking visibly embarrassed, uncomfortable, and anxious. I asked her how I could help her today and she explained to me that she was transgender, ... had just recently started estrogen hormone therapy and she wanted to find a bra that felt comfortable while providing her a natural breast shape. She expressed to me that she had previously been shown a Hello Sugar but the padding was too extreme and she felt uncomfortable with it. I brought her into the fitting room and showed her our no wire collection because of it's natural shape and comfort. She instantly fell in love with it as it accommodated her perfectly during this new journey in her life. During our interaction, she began to tear up explaining how she'd been bra shopping for weeks but never purchased anything as she felt she was unwelcome in stores. I explained to her that at La Senza we are accepting of all women, no matter your shape, size, or gender identity. We are here to make sure you leave La Senza feeling beautiful and confident. She was a perfect example of why I love to do what I do and made my whole week.

Picure of Sam & Alex, La Senza store associates.
Sam & Alex
Toronto Eaton Centre

Every year we see shoppers getting ready for Chinese New Year. Lucky red lingerie is key! We loved helping these ladies find some red gear that made them feel amazing! ... They were so excited when they found just the right things that helped them feel amazing and that worked perfectly for the holiday. Their enthusiasm made our day, and we are so thankful to be able to help people find confidence and happiness in their lingerie.

Picture of Danielle, a La Senza store associate.
Toronto Eaton Centre

I had the coolest customer experience today, and it made me realize the impact that we can have on women’s lives! A client was in the store to get her annual bra fitting, and she found the perfect fit in our new So Free bras. ... She was so happy that she asked me to help her find a great bra for her sister who had recently moved to India. I asked if she knew her sister’s size, and she said “Oh, I actually have a picture of the size someone wrote on a card for her last time she was here to get a fitting.” When she showed me the picture, it turns out that I WAS THE ONE WHO HAD FIT HER SISTER!!! And her sister had saved the card and wanted to get more bras sent to her in India! Wow! How cool that I can still help her from around the world!

Picture of Parneet, a La Senza customer.
La Senza Customer

Many years ago, the term 'lingerie' was new to me. I paid little attention to it thinking that I was single and I have nothing to celebrate about myself or my body. A few years ago, I enjoyed the luxury of being in a very beautiful relationship which unfortunately ended in 2016. I was far...away from my home when this happened. I was isolated and shocked. Once again, my sense of self not only diminished, it began to evaporate. At the end of 2017, I learned about Boudoir Photography and I signed up for a session. I was excited, anxious and nervous for my photoshoot. Not aware of a lot of lingerie options, an evening before my shoot, I spent some time in the La Senza store in downtown Vancouver where I purchased a beautiful bodysuit, several bras and kimonos. My purchase from La Senza made my photoshoot one of the most memorable and empowerment experiences in my life. I am attaching one of my favourite photos from the photoshoot in this email. Since that experience, I have been a loyal La Senza customer. I continue to shop from La Senza online. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I will continue to wear La Senza lingerie and walk with confidence.

Picture of Marie-France, a La Senza store associate.
Galeries De La Capitale

I met Annabel with her friends while they were on vacation in Quebec shopping at the Galeries de la Capitale. While welcoming them, her friend Sara tells me that they are only shopping for her today since we probably don’t carry Annabel’s size (she can only wear bras from specialty shops). ...I look at Annabel and suspect that a So Free in 36DDD would fit her like a glove. Speaking with her, she tells me that it makes her so upset not being able to wear anything pretty and that she too would like to feel sexy in her lingerie. A small measure confirms her size, and I take her to the fitting room. As soon as she tried the first bra, I see her face light up! The So Free Balconnet is just perfect on her; she tells me that she has not seen herself look this amazing in a bra EVER. We continue with the So Free Classic bra, and she flung open the door, exclaiming "WOW! Noémie you changed my life today! It fits perfectly and is so beautiful!” She told me that she was immediately confident since no one had ever taken her measurements and that she was so happy they came in! We could not stop smiling - seeing her so happy and confident is wonderful.

Picture of Kasia, a La Senza store associate.
Square One Shopping Centre

Today we had 2 ladies come into the store with such great enthusiasm. As soon as they walked in, one of the ladies smiled and said "Do you remember me?" and I realized that I did! ... She continued saying that she was here 2 weeks ago and promised to bring her daughter with her.... I then clapped my hands and said “I am so happy you kept your promise!” The reason why she brought her daughter is because she had her both breasts removed due to cancer. She was telling me that she fought for a very long time but at the end she had to get the mastecomy surgery done. She said that even though she can’t wear our sexy bras, she still likes to look at them and now she picks them for her daughter. When they were in the store their sense of humor and great attitude was contagious - they were like two young girls in the candy store. It was so nice to see... their circumstances in life could have brought them down and yet their behavior was the OPPOSITE. They were full of life and great energy!
My new customer revealed to me in secret that LA SENZA by far is her favorite store out of all the lingerie stores in the mall... that the energy in our store is so positive and that’s why she LOVES to shop at La Senza. Her daughter pulled me on the side to tell me how grateful she is for the fact that we made her mother feel very sexy regardless of her situation. It is a great reminder that WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Every single one of us.

Picture of Alexia, a La Senza store associate.
Upper Canada Mall

Jessica came up to me looking very upset and confused. I asked her if I could help her find anything and she said she really needed my help. She went on to tell me that she has been wearing the same 2 bras since she was 15 and is so uncomfortable and feels so unattractive in them. ... I assured her that we would find something for her to bring back her confidence and make her feel like her best self. I measured her and got her to the fitting room with some bras to give her the coverage and support she wanted. When she opened the door she had tears in her eyes saying that she loved the fit and how it was so comfortable. She then said to me "Is it ok if I hug you? I know I have just a bra on but it’s whatever" and she grabbed me and hugged me while we both laughed. I am so happy I got to experience helping Jessica in the way that I did. She left our store feeling confident and sexy like every woman should.

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